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Garden Designs

Our garden design service is designed to help you to achieve the garden that you want.   We will visit you and discuss your needs, free of charge.   If you decide to have a design produced, we will conduct an analysis of your site and, taking your wishes into account, produce an illustrated plan in colour.   This will suggest exciting ways in which your garden can be improved.   We will discuss the plan with you and amend it if necessary.   The plan can then be used as you wish.   You can do all the work yourself, contract someone else to do the work, or ask us to do it for you.   The choice is entirely yours.   The initial visit is free - only if you decide to have a plan produced will there be a fee.   The cost will depend upon the scope of the project, but for a typical small garden might be as little as 100 or so.   The plan will include details of all hard landscaping features and planting.